Satisfying insurance claims using cheques can be costly for providers, and slow and inconvenient for recipients. Our prepaid insurance claims card solutions eliminate that problem by letting you settle insurance claims and make emergency payments electronically.

Our insurance claims card programmes serve a wide range of insurance needs, including:


  • Homeowners insurance
  • Vehicle insurance (with emergency access to a range of services upon activation)
  • Act of God (with emergency access to a range of accommodation and emergency products)


  • Enhance processing of claims and payments for recipients
  • Reduce your costs of payment delivery and reconciliation
  • Simplify monitoring and reporting on claims paid and funds provided
  • Streamline repeated payments with reloadable claims cards
  • Connect with clients such as your account and policy holders and promote your brand as responsive and customer-focused


  • Built on PrePay Solutions' core application and authorisation platform
  • Batch loading of value to cards
  • Activation requirement deters fraud
  • Cards can be scheme-based (MasterCard®, Maestro, Cirrus acceptance network)
  • Comprehensive reporting and information management tools
  • Can be own-branded by banks and insurers