PrePay Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of prepaid card services, ranging from expert programme design and ongoing programme support to full transaction processing, BIN procurement and e-money compliance services. Our end-to-end supply chain management covers every element of your prepaid card solution.

Programme design

Our product experts and business development team work closely with MasterCard® Advisors to design the right B2C or B2B solution for each client.

Transaction processing

We leverage MasterCard’s PayPass technology and the PACASSO platform to offer transaction processing services for all our card programmes.

E-money compliance

Our e-money compliance services are authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and are transferable to other EU countries.

Supply chain management

We take care of every aspect of your supply chain, from printing cards to managing the entire fulfilment process.

Programme support

We offer a 24/7 helpline, and secondary support services with comprehensive reporting when needed. 

BIN procurement 

Our Bank Identification Number (BIN) procurement services include BINs that can be used on MasterCard and private networks and in open, closed or restricted loop programmes, as well as other BINs and International Clearing Accounts (ICAs).